Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I started a circle scarf! I don't know what the final length will be, since it's sorta wide, I might make it short so it's more like a cowl..? or longer so I can double it over. I'll see how I feel when it's long enough for the shorter length, I have 2 skeins and I'm barely halfway done with the first and it's about 17.. (?) inches long, so just about long enough to join the ends for a short scarf. I got this yarn @ the yarn store {vs. hobby lobby} and it is super soft, it's mostly acrylic with some wool. while I was wandering around the yarn store, I thought magenta would be really cute with my charcoal grey coat, and... I bought pink instead. I still love it and if I have enough yarn leftover, it'll be matching mittens!

peacock bag is just about there. possibly finish-able tonight. it depends I guess, since we rented toystory 3 and I like to really pay attention the first time I watch a movie. I usually only knit if the news or re-runs are on - or of course nothing I want to watch.

Also, I'm knitting this bag with those very same bamboo needles I complained about a few weeks ago - they worked so perfectly with this yarn. so therefore - the yarn I used sucked in the other project LOL. This yarn is 100% cotton and I love the way this bag feels and hangs - I can't wait to finish it!

orange fell down and has been resting under my desk for like 3 weeks now. argh, I hate that nagging feeling of having something un-finished and I suppose once I finish these other 2 projects I'll just do it before cast-on-itis hits {heh, good luck with that}.

Next: yet another bag of the same variety for Rob's mom
         and going to give the yoga socks another try.

Happy Humpday, this week is half over and I'm so happy about that!

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