Wednesday, November 3, 2010

lets try this again

Not sure what happened last night, but I tried blogging from my phone and that's what I get for trying that!
I just wanted to remember forever that Devin told me 'I wob oo' for the first time ever and then puckered up. What a sweet baby!

Plus, he was wearing spongebob {christmas} pajamas and brought a spongebob pillow out of his room and told me who it was 'skenjum' - so funny!


  1. Isn't just amazing. If only they could be that sweet all the time, lol! Thats how Dylan said it for the first time too

  2. YAY! How sweet! I was just going to write a blog about this exact same thing! Isaac just said, "I love you, dad." This morning. Well, I said it and he copied me. It was cute though. Don't you just love moments like that?


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