Wednesday, November 17, 2010

shopping trip

I went to the grocery store yesterday on my lunch break, finally equipped with some coupons and a planned out list {i've been major slacking lately}. Check out how long my reciept is:
Check out the bottom {well, you don't have to, this is a terrible picture}:

Total: 24.48
Saved: 22.?? - 48% Yippee!
I shredded the reciept after I took this and forgot to read it first. =/
So we ate one of our .30 treats {yay coupons} last night:
I tried teaching Devin to say 'peach pie' but he kept saying it 'cheap pie'. awww.

Sorry, WIP wednesday cancelled this week. Got to the straps on orange and now I attached one in the wrong spot and I'm frustrated and not starting anything else yet; soon.....   I did finally get to try it on and it does fit me! Hooray for that! And I did sew the sweatsuit for D this week and it came out well {enough, for a first outfit and for a baby to wear}, but I want to put something on the front of the shirt... it's just boring white. And I sewed a purse too, but it also needs 'something' but I don't know if I will keep it or give it away so I don't know what 'something' is yet.

This post brought to you by the boy drinking milk in the bathtub; strange kid:

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  1. Devin was right, it was a cheap pie...after the coupon at least!


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