Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Common Misconceptions {adoption post 3}

Here's an interesting adoption article about some adoption misconceptions.

Hmm.. here's my thoughts briefly:
1. Kind of goes with #9.
2. Too soon to tell {for me}. My mom's adoption is closed obviously, and right now I love that I have an open adoption. Ask Leighton how he feels.. hehe.

4. Hmm. Interesting. Leighton's little brother is black and he seems pretty sweet to me! Oh and his parents aren't celebrities as far as I know.

5. Smile.

6. Adopted children are special. In the same way that every other baby/child is special. Their parents love & adore them. Adopted parents and birthparents.

8. Like I said: court. That day I had to do that, it was official and the only people who could take Leighton away from them was the agency or state. If they were unfit for any reason, and only for 6 months until they finalized their legal stuff. That's just ND law though, every other state has different {but often similar} laws.

9. My favorite. "Birth mothers and adoptive mothers are not in competition. Both are important to adopted people and both love their children as often as the general population of mothers love their children, that is, nearly 100% of the time. Birth mothers are severely judged in U.S. society."

Leighton & I ~ 3 years ago

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  1. I'm always amazed at how people stereotype each other.


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