Monday, November 8, 2010

weekend recap

Friday - stopped at CVS before going home from work. Check it out!!

total was $4.26
+ $4 ECB! Yippee!!

Saturday - Rob & I tried to re-arrange the livingroom. Read as: I had a great idea and wanted my livingroom clean and Rob frogged the idea, but helped me clean and we got rid of our broken recliner and the room ended up staying the same. Plus we went to wal-mart.

Sunday - My Mom came & got D & me for church at the church we went to before we moved away from F-town and it was nice. We'll definitely go again. Then Olive Garden (delicious) and the fabric store and the grocery store. Then get home and fall over. Just kidding about falling over. But seriously, I missed the Vikings finally WIN a game, it was all in the name of family time and grandma spending money on us. :)

Once I got roast in the oven and D down for nap, I sewed up a baby blanket (to go with the knit booties & hat) for my friend Kim's baby shower next weekend. And I didn't take a picture of it either because... I forgot. Oh well, no real talent was involved, just slap two (cute) pieces of flannel together & stitch around the edge, then flip it right way out and stitch around the edge again.

Also, finished knitting 2 things. Someone slap me if I start something else without finishing my stupid razor cami.
bad pic: peacock bag
pink circle scarf/cowl...
The circle scarf can also double as a hood/ear warmer but I can't get a decent picture of that, so you'll have to take my word on that. Here it is all flattened out:

And for tonight: dinner with my mother-in-law.
 PS. What is a more PC term for her since we aren't married? Just Devin's other grandma?

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  1. Hi Sarah! Just wanted to tell you I got the boys' hoodies at Target! I commented on my blog under your comment but wasn't sure if you'd see it.



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