Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Before I get to WIP Wednesday I have a little bit of random (but then, I usually do, huh?):
  • Day 20: WTF LensCrafters! I'm pretty sure they were kidding when they said my glasses would be ready in 7-10 days. Getting frustrated.
  • Rob is back to work on the farm. This is good & bad.
  • I'm blowing my brains out. I mean, I would think I was if I didn't already know that my brains are gray and not green. I have a sinus infection, I'm pretty sure. Going on a week now.
  • I've been putting off knitting, waiting for my glasses. See (har har), I'm far-sighted. Knitting for more than like 15 minutes makes me feel cross-eyed when I go do something else. Which results in a headache.
  • I'm ready to quit taking Aleve daily because of all the pressure in my head and being cross-eyed.

And finally, the reason we're here. I haven't worked on the orange project because I need to go buy more yarn. So the last couple nights (since I've given up hope of ever getting my glasses) I've done a couple rows on 'yoga socks'. I don't think I've ever showed these in detail here, they're weird in my opinion. LOL. My sister picked out the pattern while we were at the fabric store - this is what they will be:

And this is my progress:

Don't ask me when I'll start the 2nd one. I don't like the pattern and I'm seriously considering ripping this one up and starting over with a different pattern. My sister will never know the difference as long as I use the same yarn LOL.

So, happy humpday!

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  1. I think your yoga socks look great! Do you really want to rip?


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