Friday, July 16, 2010

i like it

K, so a few weeks ago when Lexi stayed with us, her and I drove to the grocery store one night. We were listening to the radio and one of those commercials that plays like 3 clips from different songs came on. So we started talking about the songs...

Here's how it went:
Me: UGH Enrique Iglasias - I hate that song!
Lexi: I like it
Me: What?! Why??
Lexi: I like it - that's what it's called
Me: You like that song?
Lexi: No! That's what the song is called.
Me: Oh good, cuz it sucks.
Lexi: I know, I thought it was a girl the first time I heard it.

HA! And now the song is growing on me. Still not my favorite, but I don't have the hatred anymore, lol.

Also - made those cookies last night. Here's proof:

The dough was amazing, so I knew they'd be good. And they are! Too bad I'm not a good photographer, and plus, I don't think these cookies are all that pretty of a subject anyways. Stayed up wayyy to late last night making cookies, not because they took long, just because I started after bedtime.

And here's the cuteness I got to start my day today (sorry it's fuzzy - getting him to stand still is .im.poss.ib.le.)

He looooves car keys. Two of our vehicles have astrostart though, so unless we want to have our cars running 24/7, he can't have keys. He loves to try to actually use them to unlock stuff. He looked forever for a lock he could reach and he found one last night on our way back from the pool. The garage! Omg, you can just see the little brain working when he's trying to do grown-up stuff! Soooo cute.

Happy Friday!

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