Monday, July 12, 2010

crap happens

well. our new roommate is gone already. sigh of relief.
she went back to what she knows. we'll leave it at that and wish her the best. and hope to see her again as she says she wants to know her nephew.

On Saturday we were sitting outside chatting away, enjoying a beatiful summer day at Rob's aunt's place in Minnesota. I had just laid the baby down in a non-baby-proof house and was hoping for at least an hour or more for him to nap, since he decided not to (and realllly needed to) on the 1hour drive there. 25 minutes after he finally konked, the tornado siren went off & the weather alert radio in the house. So, needless to say the weather didn't like the idea of a napping baby as much as I did! We got the news on in the house and saw that the bad weather literally formed right above us and it was moving out.

Did I forget to say on my blog that I now own a sewing machine? Cuz I do!
but. I think I broke it already. well, I was going really good on a project. I still like the project, but not sure if it'll ever get finished. While the manual is not real detailed, I'm hoping it's something I can fix based on the pictures. I got the manual after the matter though. Also, I did like 6 rounds on my knitting this weekend. It felt good to have my hands busy again. It's still not even 50% done, but I need to make a trip to hobby lobby for more yarn. lots more.

Today - I'm annoyed. At lots of things. But mostly Motor Mouth. I'm not kidding - she doesn't stop. Earlier today, she was carrying on a conversation with me (mostly herself actually) about pens. Yes, pens. The most unimportant topic of all topics! Just now, about postage and hopefully the flat-rate box is not over its limit. And like half hour ago, she did not want to disrupt me to grab a few things from my stack of work so she brought her own stapler to my desk, but had to tell me specifically why. Makes me think she did want to disrupt me. I want an office!

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