Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fun weekend.

It seems like we did nothing and everything this weekend. LOL. How does that happen? We did lots of driving and visiting and somehow I still got time for a nap in my bed on Sunday. Not complaining at all, but, just weird!

 Rob got home {from driving, remember?} laaaaate thursday night. Wait. Maybe it was Wednesday night?Friday, I got off work early and had lunch/girl time with Kim while I let Rob catch some zzzz's and Devin play at daycare. Saturday we went to Fergus Falls where Devin's TX G-parents were staying and had our 4th of July celebration with Rob's family (his aunt & uncle, other uncle, grandma, dad & stepmom, and 2 cousins). Devin held up really well and really enjoyed being outside all day even though the humidity did.not.end. it was miserable outside! I told Rob I wanted to bring swim suits and possibly find a place to dip, but he said no, so we didn't. When we got there and he told everyone my idea, they were like 'oohh, good idea, you shoulda brought suits'. NEXT TIME! We grilled, played ladderball, smoked some delicious ribs, ate and ate, and tried to keep ourselves hydrated, which was a challenge for me. I peed twice the whole day, once when I woke up and once at like 7PM. TMI - sorry, but that's how hot it was!

Sunday, we didn't do much either. We brought Devin over to our pool {it's finally open} for awhile.

Nice tush!

We planned to go see the fireworks show in town at sunset, but instead we had a bonfire at Rob's buddy's house. Devin was a good little boy. He was up past his bedtime, watched Rob do a few fireworks he bought in Missouri (not sold legally here because they're suuuper loud) and then some bottle rockets & such. The neighbor kids over there had a few colorful ones Devin enjoyed. Then when he got tired, I put him in his old swing (friends are borrowing it) and he slept there til we were ready to go home.

OMG Cute, right?

Monday we took another trip to Fergus Falls & met Great Grandma again for lunch. She is such a sweet lady. She reminds me soooo much of my Grandma Olson, from the way she looks to her personality. I think they could've been sisters sometimes! She also treats me like one of her own grandkids and loves Devin to pieces!

Then on the way home stopped and saw Rob's parents again for a visit. They just love baby D. How could they not?!

During our down time we rented a few movies. So far we've watched "The Crazies" which literally was crazy! And "Hot Tub Time Machine" which was very funny.

I have news, but I don't want this post to be any more all over than it is, so I'll share on Thursday. Not to ruin anyone's fun, but no, I'm not pregnant or engaged. :) I have tomorrow off work and won't see a computer all day.

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