Thursday, July 8, 2010

WIP Thursday

My WIP Wednesday was post-poned due to having yesterday off. I already mentioned it I know, but a day off is always exciting to me!

Also, WIP Thursday is less-than-thrilling since I have not touched a single project in over a week. It's a pathetic thing, and I keep looking at both of my projects thinking that I should just do one or two rounds (they're both in the round), to keep the progress going. *sigh*

So like I've said, we've been spending tons of time w/Rob's fam this last week or so. Things have been nuts for us, and now we have a new roommate! That's the news. Rob's sister left her husband over the weekend, and now she is staying with us. She's planning to alternate between our place (couch) and their mom's house about 25 miles outside of the city. Today she is picking up job applications here in town. She's only met Devin once before now because of circumstances w/her 'husband,' so it has been wonderful that she know actually gets to get to know her one and only nephew now!

So, now you know why I've not worked on anything lately. It feels weird sometimes to do your nerdy things with people around and plus I've been too busy to want to think about knitting. On the positive side, I now have a cleaning helper. I can tell already she is a neat freak, so I bet she about dropped dead when she walked in the first time. LOL

Here's your daily cuteness and glimpse of my WIPs that have been neglected sitting in the background:

He has 2 of the same size/weight/material blankets. They have different patterns on them, but they're really similar with the polka dots. He usually only has one, and I put the other one up for when it's laundry time, etc. He's recently started to want to carry his blanket around. After I folded the clean one, I put it in his room & meant to put it away, but he found it. Isn't that cute?!

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  1. So cute. My DD never carried her blanket around but she hid her binkies all over the house. Kept finding them even after she gave them up.


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