Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

if it is in fact wednesday(?)... i've lost track this week.
I just wanted to show off my purple mittens.
these things are making me happy.

i know. i keep saying i don't really like variegated yarn, but this one i had to try. it was part of my cyber monday order and this colorway was close-out clearance price, and you know me and deals, so i went for it.
 I love how big the stitches are and this chunky wool means the mittens are the perfect thickness and pretty warm.

these have been really quick to knit and they are just about done, just in time for snow in Fargo. which, by the way, it is almost unbelievable (and really awesome, in my opinion) that we don't have any right now.
the christmas lights look kinda funny without snow covering them though.

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