Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas review

My Christmas was good. Devin had a good one too. Lots of toys, but I am most excited about the games. Most board-type games are for ages 3+ so we are attempting to teach him to play them. Attempting being the keyword LOL. He doesn't have much of an attention span still, but I think he mostly understands the rules. Following the rules is a different story.

The entire weekend was good. I had a chance to catch up with my high school girlfriends on Friday night. We had snacks, games, and gifts. Like we usually do around this time each year. I love that we do that.

Saturday, we were at my parents' house and went to church in the afternoon, had dinner and opened presents. I gave 2 of the 3 pairs of socks I've knit as gifts. 
for my mom

and two. these are actually slippers though.
for my littlest sister

Sunday, we had Olson Family Christmas with my dad's brothers' families. This has always been my favorite event of the year. It has changed over the years, but I think it's back & better than ever, because of the babies! Even though there's only 3 of them so far... all boys.. what are the chances!

I was almost actually anxious to get back to work and away from trays of christmas treats on Tuesday. haha. Though I can never get enough of staying at my parents' house and hanging with my siblings. Seriously, we played Wii until the wee hours (hehehe) each night, Friday through Sunday night. Now I think I need one. :)

Even though I had a great weekend, we also dealt with some hard stuff and I have an amazing sense of relief right now. I am so glad to say that my office closes at noon tomorrow and doesn't open until 8am Tuesday and I have not one single plan in between. I hope to keep it that way!

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  1. Enjoy your break from work! Those socks are awesome!!


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