Tuesday, December 6, 2011

sorry about yesterdays vague-ness. we are going through some drama with rob's mom and her divorcing her husband. we didn't get to relax last weekend. and that is what i do on weekends. if it doesn't happen i become kind of bitter at whoever or whatever ruins it. rant over.

here's a little cuteness to make up for yesterday:

Devin wanted pictures of all his stuffed animals one day and stood in front of me begging until he had a shot of each one.

concerning my haircut. i got about 8 inches cut off and let me tell you something...
for the last month or so i've had some serious shoulder, neck & back pain, as well as headaches.
*poof* just like that, i feel about 85% better now that my hair is short. gotta love that!
also, my hair is so soft and easy to brush now that like 3 years worth of split ends are gone!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I've had those type of headaches too. It does feel great to get that much hair chopped off!


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