Thursday, December 8, 2011


i hope everyone is feeling happy today!
i am!
my (lone) cyber monday package came today.
guess what i got?
i'm sure you're shocked and thrilled that i bought more yarn.

I got a vaiety of colors that I am pleased with, and I got some of almost every weight. besides sock. which i had intended to order but got lace instead (the silver ones). it'll do anyhow, but oops. and this time it's not for socks.

speaking of.. i think i've had only footwear on my needles since finishing the carefree cowl knit-along. i'm almost completed with my 3rd pair.
now that is shocking, since my first and second (and third, in a way) sock attemps were complete failures and left me feeling very hopeless against socks and now... i guess i like them a little. And I'll show off all 3 of my pairs here pretty soon.

i'm pretty sure i caught him talking. it's funny.

so anyways. i can die happy and maybe knit some Christmas goodies in the next 17 days {17 days!?!?!?!?!? aaaahhh!!!}

this and this also made me smile today.

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