Friday, March 1, 2013

five things friday

I know i have been a sad blogger lately!
but i thought we could go over the crappy tv shows i'm watching lately :)
i love me some crappy tv.

1. jersey shore. i have finally watched all of the seasons. it all started with netflix and then after that i couldn't just be done until i reached the end so i just finished it yesterday.

2. buckwild. maybe i have a thing for mtv lol. this show is extremely dumb, but funny if you come from a place like them where all your schoolmates are like family.

3. catfish. i am probably behind on this because we stream on hulu, but rob & i love to watch this together. again with the mtv. wonder if i could convince the cable company to let me have just MTV?

4. nashville. this one is actually a good story & decent acting. i hadn't originally started watching it when it came on tv, but thanks to hulu i was able to start (and get caught up to the current episode) after hearing people say how good it is.

5. the office. always with the office. my very favorite show and i am so so so so sad it's over and will be forever watching this on netflix & hulu. i am kinda sad about pam & jim though... wth!

Right now I am waiting for the voice to come back too. I love that show.
what shows are everyone else watching?!

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