Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Devin turned 4 last month! It's still sinking in and he reminds me every so often that he's 4 now LOL
We weren't going to plan a party for him, just do something (presumably dinner & cake) with his aunts, uncle, and grandparents on my side. We ended up going to a hotel to swim and it ended up being on a day I had agreed to watch my friend's son (one of devin's pals) for her company Christmas party (in feb LOL) so he had a friend along to swim with.

He has tons of Thomas trains now, and that same weekend we decided to spend his b-day money at toys r us and use up his birthday rewards from them. He got even more tracks for his Thomas stuff and a boat for the bath LOL.
Plus he got to have dinner Space Aliens with mom & dad and play lots of games.
I think he likes being 4!

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