Wednesday, July 11, 2012

green lace sweater

an almost-recognizable top!
So, we're well into the summer sweater knit-a-long.
things are super over here. I love this pattern.
I feel like I'm over halfway done, but I still have more than half my yarn left?
I'm not going to worry about that, though.
I was really enjoying knitting the bottom half of this pattern in the round... now that I've split the front & back, not so much (not gonna lie).
the lace is not really challenging or anything too complicated, I just rather not purl every row. sigh...
at least that part is almost over.. then we do the sleeves!

another thing, I'm starting to feel like the top should have a bit more length below the split for the sleeves.
i am tall, so I added an inch to the pattern measurement, but looking at it, I wonder if it will still be on the short side. booo. I'm thinking (hoping) that blocking will help. we shall see.



  1. It looks lovely! I feel your pain on the purling! As for lace, well I've decided that is something that I will save for when the kids are grown...they distract me way too much even for simple lace :)

  2. Blocking should help the length, but if it doesn't it is stylish to wear a visibly longer layer underneath.


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