Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday - some seaming happening

I am in the finishing stages of my Pekoe top.
Did I ever tell you I've never knit something that needs proper seams?
Well, I mean, not that scary because it's not like it's going to explode if I do it wrong, but it could look ugly.
And then it won't be worn. And after all the hours I've knit on this, that would be a real shame.

inside seams

the top is the sleeve and the bottom is the shirt.

I mentioned on the luvinthemommyhood Rav group that I would be researching seaming and I was sent some links. Well they certainly helped! I started sewing the sleeve on today with the help of the backstreet boys (yea, nerd) on pandora. The technique is not all that difficult but since this is my first time I am taking my time. So far, I think it looks OK. Not spectacular but also not terrible. I put this part on over my shoulder and I didn't see any real big errors. Cross your fingers that the rest will go just as smooth, if not better!


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