Wednesday, June 27, 2012

little of this..

a little of that...
i love summer.
i know i say it sooo much, but I really do.
i think it has to do with the fact that i was born in early august.
a lot of people i know with summer birthdays really love summer, like excessively, like me.

if the sun is out, i feel guilty for being in the house. at all.
vacation is coming up and it's supposed to be hot and beautiful.
and i'll be out in nature. oh this makes me happy!

sooo, anyways. who wants to see some snapshots of our summer so far?

during the week we go out and do this:
Rob's RC airplane
we can only go when it's not windy (rarely) and only Rob knows how to fly it so me and Devin watch.
and this time we took pictures. 

devin's photog skills. i'm actually in the frame!!

 Rob documented that he lets me drive his car:
tops off!!

Here's how I found devin the other day when I got up for work:
Of course when I went to get my camera, he woke up, so I made him close his eyes... what a good faker haha!

A couple weeks ago, we went to our friends' house and Rob decided to wash his truck.
then devin decided to wash his friend's trike for her. I thought this was hilarious:

 We washed the baby jeep too but I didn't get a picture of that:

and finally, my little french boy:

we are not french. at all.
there was a picnic/block party put on by the city in our park a few weeks ago.
there was a bounce house, free hot dogs, face painting, balloon animals, chalk, etc.
it was so fun. we got to see the insides of a fire truck too.
so anyways, i was walking with Devin over to the face paints and I asked what he wanted the girl to paint on his face. A mustache..
Funny kid. So when we told the girl she decided a swirly one would be good.
So hilarious.

ps. today is cast-on day for the KAL! finally!!

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  1. Wow--Devin is getting so big! Love the mustache!


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