Friday, June 22, 2012


Don't you just love june? time just goes and goes - seriously this last week I've stayed up til midnight every night. the sun made me do it! That is waaay past my bedtime, and I'm exhausted today! Wish I had a coffee pot at work right about now...

Also, I was really concentrated on this project I was knitting. (big surprise)

full moon blanket by pickles

My goal was to finish it before luvinthemommyhood's summer sweater knit-a-long. I didn't get to participate last year, because I was not prepared yarn- or time-wise. This year, I'm prepared for cast-on next week sometime.  I think I am anyway, I got the confirmation email that my yarn is in the mail, so I'm really hoping it comes today (rather than tomorrow, i had it delivered to work and I won't be here on a saturday... not even for yarn!)

The sweater I have queued up for the KAL is Pekoe, and I'm really excited to get started. It was sooo hard to pick a pattern! There are so many many pretty sweaters to choose from! I decided to go for my first pullover sweater. My red cardigan has been finished but not finished for awhile.. ya I'm lazy like that..I'm sure I'll finish it in a snap this fall, for now I have no need obviously. I guess I just like doing things in opposites because the Pekoe will be more of a summer top and I'm guessing I won't finish until the weather starts cooling down, mainly because it is knit with sock yarn, aye aye aye!! that detail would hardly matter to me if I wore a size small.... it is definitely going to be a ton of knitting!

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