Tuesday, February 5, 2013

winter weekending

I am not a fan of winter.
I really do prefer the heat & sunshine of summer, probably because I am a Leo and born in August.
But, we had a great winter weekend this past weekend.

On Friday we took Devin to Monster Jam for one of his birthday presents. It was a cold night and i did not actually take any pictures because we were sooo far up in the seats. It was a great show, and one that I know Devin will talk about all year until we go again next year. Last year was my first Monster Jam and I actually liked it alot more than I expected.

Saturday morning, Rob really wanted to go snowmobiling since we just got several inches of fresh snow but we did not have anyone to watch Devin so he went alone while D and I went out to play in the snow. We went over to our park and walked the path and Devin really wanted to swing and slide even though the playground was covered and nobody else had been on any of it. We were out there over an hour even though it was right around 10 degrees and snowing pretty good. We had no wind though (unusual!) so we were comfortable all bundled up.
On Sunday we woke up early so Rob &I could finally take our first snowmobile trip!  We have gone a few times for an hour or so but not off for the day like this time. We had been watching the forecast all week after the snow and it seemed that Sunday would be our warmest and calmest weekend day. So we dropped D off with some friends and headed out of town and rode the ditches & trails for about 2 hours and then stopped for lunch at a popular snowmobile stop. There were more sleds than cars in the parking lot. Every person we saw come in was taking off gear as they sat down. Anyways, we rode back to the car & made it back to Fargo just in time to watch the Superbowl. On our way back we realized the temperatures hadn't made it to the 20 degrees we were expecting and that it was only around zero. That made me feel tough HAHA! And now, two days later I feel like and 80-yr-old! It was fun though and I hope we get another chance before spring comes!

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