Friday, April 5, 2013

FO Friday. . . . crochet edition

yes a slipper & train/train tracks in the background
before I get onto my first crochet FO, (seriously can't believe i finally learned!) i want to show you one awesome interview i read this week. so inspriring! I truly want my own yarn shop one day. Rob & I have already named our 'if we win the lottery we are buying a yarn shop' Yarn Barn. <33>
So anyways, Here's the interview. I love it! I want one of these too now!

It's a baby size blanket. I guess I don't know the dimensions but it matches up with Devin's baby blankets pretty well so it's basically a lap blanket & Devin has it in his room. I got these yarns for Christmas and it was 2 skeins of each color and all acrylic so I did what I thought was best for all of it. It's basically one big granny square and I love it, although by the end of working on it I was hating it LOL!

I also found a pic of a scarf I knit & gave away this fall :
I really loved this pattern and made myself a matching one in Malabrigo sock... I'll have to dig up the deets on that one and get a good photo because it is really pretty!

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