Thursday, March 15, 2012


my sweeties!
 We have weather that is nice enough for the park as of... yesterday! Who knows if it will last and turn right into summer, but I, for sure, am crossing my fingers. I'm pretty sure my kid is suffering from cabin fever, he goes from my sweet little boy who tells me in the sweetest voice "you're my girl mama", to a total monster in about 3 seconds flat these days. Needless to say, the first day we had sun, and no snow left on the ground, we were at the park working off the his energy. (also, no flood this year so the park is completely dry unlike this time last year when the play equipment was completely in the river!)

Another thing we have a tough time with lately is sleeping. He wants to stay up late, sleep in our bed, have water, go potty... you name it, in order to stay up late. Now, in addition he also wakes up extremely early. (thinking back from babyhood, sleep disturbances happened when he was about to reach a milestone, which is common.... maybe, just maybe, this means potty training is almost over. but i'm not holding my breath) This morning I found him fast asleep on his belly, on a chair in the livingroom with a pillow against the back of the chair and his legs just hanging down. It was super adorable.

Anyways, I have some knitting and stuff to talk about but I've gotta go for now. be back soon.

for now, go check out this hilarious and brave doggie.

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